Gabriel Ruiz,
Data Scientist

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Hi, I’m Gabe. I’m a Data Scientist. I tinker with data, sound, and pixels.

Data shows us facets of the world that are hard to see, hard to understand, and sometimes hard to believe. At its best, data can enlighten us, improve us, challenge us, but at its worst it can lie to us, deceive us, or sometimes even destroy us.

Data is gray. Whether it takes shape as 41.20hz rumbling sine waves shaking a dance floor, a warbling affine distortion on an image of a beautiful snowtop mountain, or a set of people occluded by IDs reporting on their current state of health – the world speaks to me in data. I listen and analyze, manipulate and tinker, watching the breath of data and how it changes and responds.

Other than noting on the remarkable beauty of life, I’ve been building digital products for two years as a Product Manager. After experiencing the ins and outs of building a product, I found a deep passion designing performance metrics for complex system architectures and guiding the development of UX features based on user interaction data. This is what lead me deeper into Data Science.

Here are some of things I’ve built:

  • ETL architectures, Data Warehouses, and Analytic infrastructure to support product analysis
  • News article recommendation systems for publishers
  • Deep neural networks to build captions for images, NLP pipelines to dissect the media discussed in Hacker News, and classification models to predict objects within images


If you have an interesting project, or have an inordinate desire to philosophize about the nature of data, digital art, or sound, find me: email, linkedin, twitter.